Fitness World

Fitness World

Fitness World is Denmark's largest fitness gym brand which boasts over 450,000 members and over 150 locations. 

My Work: Fitness World for Android

Fitness World's Android app is every subscriber's direct line to their gym membership. By providing an array of core features such as Class and Event Booking, Center Locations and Center Opening Hours, members are always a few taps away from their next visit. And should members wish to take their workouts to the next level, features such as in-depth Workout Programs and Challenges provide a high level of structure and motivation.

One of the most fun features to develop for this app was the Bluetooth-enabled Body Composition Analysis. This Bluetooth integration with the InBody 270 machine enabled subscribers to easily measure weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass and more. Users could easily track their progress over time using intuitive graphs and historical statistics.


Fitness World 5.0 was developed as part of my first project engagement at the engineering studio and consultancy, Shape.

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