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A division of LEO Pharma A/S, LEO Innovation Lab is tasked with developing digital solutions that address the challenges of the modern patient journey.


Skincoach is a mobile solution (iOS/Android) designed to help patients manage skin reactions commonly associated with EGFRi treatments. The application enables patients to submit a structured Check Up consisting of multiple images from various affected parts of the body. The images are then evaluated remotely by an Innovation Lab dermatologist, and the result returned to the patient with medical information and recommended videos to prevent or delay the development of further reactions to the treatment.

Skincoach consists of three main systems: a mobile app for iOS and Android, a dermatologist evaluation queue web app, and a web-based patient management app for participating physicians.

I functioned as the Tech Lead on this project where I oversaw all aspects of engineering. Our solution was implemented using a wide range of tech including but not limited to ReactNative, React, Swift, Java, Node.js and Python. In this role, I led development both at the process and people level as well as hands-on.

Additionally, I drove the architectural direction of the solution from inception to completion through the creation of new systems while augmenting and integrating with existing services to deliver a complete end-to-end solution.

Skincoach was developed as a partnership between LEO Innovation Lab and Amgen. Its initial release comes as part of a pilot operated as a patient support program in Spain, France and Austria. Skincoach is currently only available within the European Union.

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