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About Opbeat

Opbeat was an application performance monitoring platform for developers. Originally created as a way to extend GitHub, Opbeat grew from providing error reporting and release tracking for Django all the way to complete client-side performance monitoring for JavaScript. As a company, Opbeat's mission was to empower developers to ship awesome code while helping them fight their most critical battles around performance.

Opbeat has since been acquired by Elastic and the product is now part of Elastic’s Open Source Application Performance monitoring solution.

My Work: everything in your hand

The nature of error reporting and performance monitoring necessitates a mobile solution. But it wasn’t possible to communicate and collaborate while accessing relevant information until I had the opportunity to bring Opbeat to iOS and Android.

Built natively in Objective-C and Java, the Opbeat mobile applications provide users with a window to a powerful platform. The complete feature parity between the iOS and Android versions has ensured that thousands of engineers can collaborate easily using Opbeat for Mobile.