Photo by MIHAI ANDRITOIU/iStock / Getty Images

About Plane

Plane was a semi-anonymous social network which offers a simple yet refreshingly clean approach to social communication. The ephemeral mechanic of Signals, which disappear after 24 hours, keeps the experience very much "in the moment." 

Other users respond to Signals and enter a private 'Convo' with one another. Users can then exchange their details within the app using Social Cards which are customized with integrated social handles from networks like Snapchat or Instagram.

My Work: Loops

One of the most experimental features of Plane takes Signals to the next level. Loops are short audio clips that the user can record and customize with a backing beat or audio track. As part of my work on Plane, I was responsible for the application-wide implementation of Loops including all visible interfaces and audio processing. The end result was a beautiful, fun and easy-to-use way for users to share audio with the Plane community.

The Plane service has since been shut down, but it remains in my memory as one of the most fun products I have ever worked with.